Training in Early Abortion for Comprehensive Healthcare (TEACH)

UCSF faculty train residents to perform MVA on a papaya
TEACH combines the resources of residency programs, community clinics, and a leading research and policy institute to provide Family Practice residents and faculty with comprehensive training in early abortion. As residency programs develop their capacity to offer onsite abortion services and training, local community clinics give residents and faculty an opportunity to perform the volume of procedures they need to become confident providers.

The Bixby Center provides coordination and academic support for TEACH and expands its impact by situating it in the context of a broader initiative to improve abortion access through education, information dissemination, research, and policy reform. 


In 2002, the Bixby Center launched the Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) Program, a multifaceted initiative to enhance access to abortion.  With seed funding from the Packard Foundation, ANSIRH established a Planned Parenthood training site for motivated residents and practicing physicians to learn early abortion procedures. In July 2003, support from an anonymous donor allowed the Center to expand its training initiatives by pioneering the TEACH Project with local Family Practice residency programs interested in integrating abortion training into their core curricula.

Training Materials

The new ANSIRH Early Abortion Training Workbook (3rd Edition) and Trainer's Workbook (2nd Edition) are now available for free download. The workbook is designed for use in clinical settings where an experienced trainer is available to lead discussions of its didactic context and case-based exercises, alongside of clinical training opportunities.  CME is available through ARHP, and the workbook continues to be ACGME compatible for use in residency education. It is now being used for training in a large number of U.S. and international Medical Schools and Residencies. There have been major revisions and additions in this new version - including the sections on Contraceptive Practice, Early Pregnancy Loss, Early Ultrasound Training, Training Plan and Evaluation - although all sections have undergone some revision.

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